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Deadline: March 15, 2021

Please share information about your game here. The publication aims to showcase the work of the African diaspora. All work submitted should be complete, but it does not have to be recent. Games released last week or in 1980 are encouraged. If it's game, we encourage yoo to submit it. That includes card games, board games, party games, mobile games, console games, and more. If it's playable and it was released, we want to know. It doesn't matter if sold 100,000 copies or only had 10 downloads on the Apple App Store.

The aim is to curate and collect the work in a single archival resource. Some basic information:
  • The work should be submitted by a person from the game making team
  • The work should be by or about members of the African American, African national or African descendent community.
  • Submissions can be either short form or long form submissions. Short form submissions may only include a phonebook like listing while long form submissions will be featured on individual pages
  • Given the lack of budget and creative commons distribution, no royalties can be given for the work. This is a community project aiming to increase visibility, not profits.
  • Submissions are subject to review and are not guaranteed inclusion.

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